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Leaving the European Union: Britain faces up to Brexit

Print section Print Rubric:  As long as the government stays in denial about Brexit’s drawbacks, Britain is on course for disaster Print Headline:  Facing up to Brexit Print Fly Title:  Britain and the EU UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Britain faces up to Brexit Fly Title:  Leaving the European Union Main image:  20170722_LDD001_0.jpg CRISIS? What crisis? So many have been triggered in Britain by the vote a year ago to leave the European Union that it is hard to keep track. Just last month Theresa May was reduced from unassailable iron lady to just-about-managing minority prime minister. Her...

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Brexit means…: Most Leavers want a hard Brexit. Voters at large want a soft one

Print section Print Rubric:  Most want to stay in the single market Print Headline:  Softening? Print Fly Title:  Public opinion UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Britain faces up to Brexit Fly Title:  Brexit means… A YEAR on from the referendum, few Britons have changed their minds about whether to stay or go. Polls find that, were there another vote, the result would be similar to the 52:48 split last June. They also show that most Remainers concede that Brexit should go ahead. What sort of Brexit, though? The referendum provides a mandate for neither the hard nor the...

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Saying “no” to Erdogan: Turkey’s growing repression leads to a showdown with Germany

Print section UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  Saying “no” to Erdogan Main image:  20170722_eup504.jpg AFTER months of diplomatic tiptoeing, Germany’s patience has run out. On July 18th a Turkish court ordered that six human rights activists, including a German trainer who had been detained during a training workshop with Amnesty International, a human-rights group, should be officially arrested. Two days later Germany’s foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, cut loose. He warned his country’s nationals against travelling to Turkey, proposed rolling back European Union economic assistance and suggested his government might stop providing export credit guarantees to companies doing business...

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Put away: How the nursing home lobby blocked reforms in Louisiana

Main image:  FOR A textbook demonstration of how campaign contributions can buy policy, one need look no further than Louisiana’s nursing homes. No interest group showers more money on the Bayou State’s politicians than nursing homes and their owners. Indeed, the last two governors together collected over $1m in donations from nursing homes; Louisiana legislators and other state officials have raked in many millions more.This is perhaps not surprising. It is rare that a sector’s profitability is so dependent on the decisions of bureaucrats and politicians who make the critical decisions about how to dole out a state’s Medicaid...

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Teutonic tremors: Germany fears Donald Trump will divide Europe

Print section Print Rubric:  Germany fears that Donald Trump will divide Europe Print Headline:  Teutonic tremors Print Fly Title:  The G20 summit UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Liu Xiaobo’s death holds a message for China Fly Title:  Teutonic tremors Location:  HAMBURG Main image:  20170715_eup504.jpg IN THE aftermath of the G20 summit on July 7th and 8th, German politicians traded blows over who was at fault for riots by anti-globalisation activists that smashed up parts of central Hamburg. But a big global event in the heart of a city with a strong anarchist tradition was always bound to prompt...

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