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Author: LangleyTribune

Playing with fire: A Kurdish referendum on independence risks backfiring

Print section UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  Playing with fire Main image:  20170916_map504.jpg THE vast oil reserves and disputed status of Kirkuk have given it a reputation as a powder-keg. The multi-ethnic province in northern Iraq lies beyond the Kurdish Autonomous Region but is ruled by the Kurds and claimed by the Arabs in Baghdad. To locals, the ambiguity has had its advantages. Kurdish Peshmerga fighters provided security; Iraq’s government footed the bill (which it refused to the undisputed Kurdish enclave further north). For years Kirkuk’s heterogeneous population has largely left Iraq’s identity wars at the city...

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Charlemagne: Mr Juncker’s Indian summer

Print section Print Rubric:  The commission president strikes a confident note after years of gloom Print Headline:  Mr Juncker’s Indian summer Print Fly Title:  Charlemagne UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Closing in on cancer Fly Title:  Charlemagne Main image:  20170916_EUD000_0.jpg A YEAR ago Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, surveyed his dominions and found them wanting. “Never before”, he told the European Parliament in his annual state-of-the-union address, “have I seen such little common ground between our member states.” Battered by economic and political crises, the European Union was staring into the abyss. Britain had just become...

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State of denial: The Republican Party in California continues its long, slow slide

Main image:  TEN years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a speech at the California Republican Party’s convention that silenced the crowd. “Our party has lost the middle and we will not regain true political power in California until we get it back,” Mr Schwarzenegger, then the state’s governor, warned. “In movie terms, we are dying at the box office. We are not filling the seats.”Back then, Republican registration in California had been falling for a decade. Nonetheless, Chad Mayes (pictured), until recently the Republican assembly leader, recalls being sceptical of the Terminator’s message. “Dying at the box office? Oh come...

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The Economist explains: Why Italy’s troubled economy is returning to form

Main image:  THE Italian economy is experiencing an unexpectedly strong recovery. The latest good news came on September 12th with the release of figures showing that the national unemployment rate had fallen 0.4 percentage points during the second quarter to 11.2%. The day before, the government’s statisticians reported a 4.4% year-on-year increase in industrial output. Currently Italian GDP is growing at 1.5% a year. That is still modest—less than the 2.2% being achieved by the euro zone as a whole. But the gap has been narrowing. Is the Italian economy, which for years has been a brake on the...

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