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Day 16 since Children’s Health funding expired, and 2 weeks until Nevada freezes enrollments

Campaign Action Unless the Children’s Health Insurance Program is reauthorized in the next two weeks, Nevada is probably going to be forced to freeze enrollments in the program, meaning no more families will be able to get health care for their sick kids. The state is preparing to be completely out of federal funding for the program in about six weeks. The state budgeted for the money, so if it doesn’t come, they will have to have a special legislative session to try to figure out how to continue coverage for kids. Nevada isn’t the only state facing disaster....

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California wildfire death toll hits 41 as survivors face long road to recovery

With 213,000 acres burned and 5,700 structures destroyed, the future is uncertain for people like Diego Pacheco, whose life savings went up in smoke Diego Pacheco escaped a nightmare in the early hours of 9 October, when a raging inferno swept through the Journey’s End mobile home park where he lived. Safe, but with nothing more than his wallet and the clothes on his back, he found himself in a new one. The 78-year-old retired carwash worker had kept his life savings in cash at home. The money, along with the home, are almost certainly gone. Continue reading… Click...

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