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Author: LangleyTribune

Donald Trump’s Muddled East: America’s neglect and confusion aggravate problems in the Arab world

Print section Print Rubric:  Neglect and confusion aggravate the problems of the Arab world Print Headline:  Donald Trump’s Muddled East Print Fly Title:  American foreign policy UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  How—and why—to end the war in Yemen Fly Title:  Donald Trump’s Muddled East Location:  CAIRO Main image:  20171202_MAD001.jpg WHEN it is finished, America’s imposing new embassy in Lebanon will be its second-biggest in the world. Yet it was France, not America, that stepped in to resolve Lebanon’s latest political crisis. Speaking from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on November 4th, Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime minister, abruptly announced...

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Dynamic do-over: Republicans grouse about tax models they once supported

Main image:  THEY have been at this a long time. In 1994 Republicans, newly in charge of Congress, held hearings on what would come to be called “dynamic scoring”. Bills, they said, should be evaluated using the predictive power of macroeconomic models. If the model predicts more GDP growth, then it could be inferred that the growth would produce more tax revenue. During the hearings, however, came an awkward moment. Alan Greenspan, then in charge of the Federal Reserve, told Congress that macroeconomic models were “deficient”. That is, their predictive power, though interesting, was not good enough to rely...

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